My name is Laurel.
I live in Charlotte, NC, however with the internet, I believe everyone is pretty much international these days, lol. I didn't grow up thinking of myself as an artist however when I was without anything to do, I found myself painting and writing. When it came to choosing a degree, I chose graphic design which gave me a creative outlet professionally. I worked in the graphics department at my hometown newspaper for almost a decade before having children and making them my primary focus. Even though I did write a book, blogged and still painted occassionally, I got caught up too much in the world before realizing that being creative daily was as necessary for me as eating or breathing. With the 2016 election and falling in love with Bernie and his message, I also realized how the world needs more creative people to stand up & stand out in order to not only make our lives more bearable, but to make the world a better place. Thus my mission officially begins with WildFlower Goddess. Glad you could join me, welcome.