When Thinking Becomes A Thing...
Think about the fact that anytime an artist produces a piece (thought, word, song, painting, book, dance, words, objects) it has taken them how many moments of life & death to get to the point of being able to express and create it. Maybe sometimes generations, lifetimes?"

"I'm so positive,
I turn being negative into a positive."

"When you say what's on your mind, in your heart & you know there's gonna be some fuckery response...like walking through thorns barefoot...love it. Be you even when it's painful or not easy."

"I'd rather bet on myself than on luck in Vegas."

"Trust nothing but your gut, instinct and spirit. If you debate or intermingle with people who do not align with it, your spirit will be diluted, your mind, confused."

"When you don't have to be a deep diver to find someone's humanity,
you might have found someone and something special."

"Love can be unconditional, Like cannnot."

"Just say no to...plastic...bitches."

"I love when people try to box me in. I find a way out."

"Instead of Face"Book", it should be called Face"Beast". Anything that breaks up marriages,
gets people fired from jobs or sends people dropping offline for months at a time only to more than likely reappear later...is a BEAST.

"Surround yourself with like minded people, but never be so foolish as to not learn from your enemies."

"What makes people unique, different...
like no other individual alive?
Their story. 
No one has one like you. Explore."

"When privileged people feel privileged."

"HUMANS are our greatest resource, let me repeat, HUMANS are our greatest resource."

"It's not only your body that keeps you "alive", it's your spirit. Honor your spirit daily.
What have you created today?"

Some people are naturally thinkers while others are naturally do'ers. My head has always been in the clouds. I remember sitting by the window in school and instead of looking at the teacher & listening to anything she had to say, I was staring out the window...until she moved me. You know this world sucks when you want to be anywhere but there, living in it. Let's be real. So much of life is shit. Life shit can literally be just that...having to go to the bathroom to take a shit. But even my Grandmother used to have Reader's Digest by the toilet. You can escape.

So my way of escaping has always been by thinking. Sometimes it may have been more daydreaming than thinking. Either way, I was leaving this place for another...without going anywhere physically.

I always marvel at those that have the desire or feel the need to travel. There's never been anything that appealing to me or that i was that curious about...that wasn't inside my head already. I never felt the need or desire to take hardcore drugs to escape this world. Besides being super scared of permanently altering my mind, my mind in itself has always been a great source of comfort, exploration & entertainment. I have always told my kids when they complain about being bored...if you are bored, that probably means you are boring...or not exploring...essentially, not thinking. 

Goodish (which basically stands for good shit) came from me sharing my internal dialogue with others on social media. There's something super initimate about sharing our thoughts with others. Thoughts are something that are unique to the individual. I don't befriend strangers on social media if they do not share their thoughts on their page or just have cute kitten posts up. If they do share their thoughts & they have no spark, I find them to be weak links & defriend.

So cheers to internal dialogue and being your own best advisor, friend & confident...and then giving not enough fucks in order to share that with others and the world. They will either love or hate you for it depending on how in touch they are with their own thoughts, their own internal struggle with their own maddness & being human. Whether they love you or hate you for it, either way, it won't matter. Be delishously human, wear the skin you're in. Turn thinking into a thing. Thinking is art. Love art. Love you...that Goodish!