Starving Artist? What the fuck is that?
There can be no such thing as a starving artist. Another world lie. Even if you have zero dollars in the bank, if you are eating artistry, you are rich and full.

Money is great. It can buy you a nice physical life. But it is just a tool for physical survival. Beyond that, it is worthless. The myth is that money makes the world go around, when in actuality it is humans...their energy, their thoughts, ideas, hearts & souls...that is what makes the world go around. And what determines the type of world that goes around? I would dare to say that it's to what extent people connect with their energy, their ideas, their hearts & souls. Without a connection to that, then the world can be a very dark and empty place, regardless of the dollars being exchanged in it.

Thats why art and humanity go hand in hand. Art is humanity. Art is being embrace the human side of ourselves, the side that seems imperfect to others & world standards but is actually perfection. I believe we are afraid of our own perfection. When we embrace our human selves, our human sides and we can see the art and perfection in that, we become powerful. We become a threat to the status quo. The status quo is what kills humanity. The status quo limits who we are because only within the status quo can we fit nicely inside some box that makes everything look perfectly packaged and organized to the outside world. But people don't fit in boxes and when they try to, it end disastrously. People are messy. Until you get on the inside, you remain blind to the human potential and capabilities beyond societal order.

Some people have an idea in their mind of what art is regarding being an artist. You must be like Picaso to be an artist. I reject that theory. I believe that everyone is an artist. They are an artist when they wake up in the morning and plan their day. They are an artist when they create a meal, talk to a friend or decide on a path to walk down. Art is everywhere, all the time. When you create anything, you are an artist. When you listen to music, watch a movie or read a book, you are eating artistry. You are becoming more art. You consume that art, that energy and you in turn create your own art when you release that same energy into another part of your life and ultimately into the world. You may not use the same medium to do so, but you use it to create with none the less. It's invisible to the blind eye, but it's there in all ways, always. When we stop creating, we stop living, we die. That is why ART IS EVERYTHING.
"When you create anything,
you are an artist."
-WildFlower G